Juggling Life at Home

In this difficult situation, making time for yourself to relax and having time to do your own thing is a must.

My partner is classed as essential staff, so has a set working pattern, which is duplicated every 3 weeks. I am working from home, which is, as many are finding, not as easy as it sounds. So without my guy knowing each of these weeks, I set up our own working programme to cover all the important needs we both have (well mine really).


My day goes like this:

I make sure I get up early, have breakfast first which I can enjoy and start my day off in a nice relaxed state of mind… i.e. without him.

I start work from 9, no TV, no radio, no demands – this is weird, but I like it!

My guy gets up and after seeing how busy I am, gets his own breakfast.

He would then buzz off upstairs, away from the silence and tapping of keys, to watch the TV  (which I never wanted upstairs for fear of not seeing each other… of which now, I LOVE)

Lunch is taken squatting on my sofa leaning at an awkward angle (due to not having a sensible chair at the table) onto my laptop. (Note to self – get a chair before I do my back in)

We take it turns to do the once a week shop. I act really keen to do it more often – to lessen the load (but I do not!) – Albeit he thinks I can pop out because I am working from home! So I may go around to the corner shop.

Every day at 4pm I escape, oh yes my guy has left whilst I was having lunch, it takes about 10 minutes to unwind the stiff back and numb bum and really enjoy the freedom of the road path lane, of which I blindly walk on without a plan. Who cares it is my escape and I love it.

Normally I work out 3 times a week… groan…

So at 5pm on my return I then shower and flop. This is my time, until my guy gets back in around 11.

I do NOTHING until about 10 where I make it look like I have been busy, do a little washing, ironing and then set out dinner.

I am in bed by the time he gets home and I am sure in his mind he is thinking, “Great my time alone, she’s in bed.”


In my house, this is normal… WORKS FOR ME!!! Works a treat, it’s a win, win all round. 😂

Kathy Cousins – Hospitality Manager