Everything You Might Have Forgotten Before the Big Day

By Meghan Taylor

The title of this blog alone might have sent you into a spiral of panic and indignation. How is it possible that you could have forgotten ANYTHING to do with your big day? Surely your extensive to-do list, comprehensive Pinterest board, and the five voice memos you send yourself hourly have every tiny detail covered?

Perhaps not. The fact is that planning a wedding is a giddy, busy, dizzying time, and it’s possible that even you have made some oversights along the way. Don’t worry though – here, you’ll find some handy reminders.

Read on for a few little details that may have escaped your attention so far…


1. Get your paperwork in check


Of course, you want your wedding to be the most magical day ever. However, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the boring, bureaucratic parts! It’s a good idea to have a folder where you can store your wedding license, any booking confirmations for vendors, and a list of emergency contacts. Give this folder to someone you trust.

Another thing to consider is a pre-nuptial agreement. Have you discussed this with your partner? It’s not too late to agree on a prenup designed to “protect assets which are being brought into the relationship.” We know it’s not the most romantic wedding-related conversation you’ll have, but it is an important one!

2. Think of your practical needs

BRIDES emphasises the importance of a “reception clutch” and a “post-reception bag.” We’d go a little further than that. Yes, you’ll need your lippie, your phone, and some petty cash on-hand during the big event. But what else could come in handy?

We’d suggest packing some healthy snacks in case you get peckish as you get ready. A safety pin and a travel-size deodorant will also serve you well in case of emergencies. Can you leave a pair of flat shoes with the venue? You might be glad you did when the time comes for dancing! Don’t forget to keep track of any medication that you take, too.

3. Check RSVPs

According to The Knot, it’s normal for 10-20% of invited guests to decline a wedding invitation. It’s their loss if they’re missing your amazing day, but it could be your loss if you don’t update vendors in time!

Ensure caterers know exactly how many people are attending and make any necessary changes to seating charts. This way, you can avoid half-empty tables and wasted food.

4. Write a final shot list

Newlywed couples are often disappointed when they check out their wedding photos and realise they missed some crucial shots. You can avoid this crushing feeling by preparing a list of must-have images and sending it to the photographer in advance.

Unsure what to include? Marsha Stewart has compiled a comprehensive list including obvious must-haves such as the bride getting ready and less expected images like those of family heirlooms or “objects and details that are culturally and emotionally meaningful to the union.”


5. Assign minor roles

Sometimes, when planning a wedding, we speak in generalities. “Someone can collect the gifts and take them to the hotel. Someone can circulate the guest book around the guests. Someone can direct them to the bar to wait.” Now is the time to clarify who that someone is!

Think outside the box. You might be able to handover guestbook duty to the photographer, for example. The professionals at nPhoto state that photographers may be able to “suggest fun, unique ideas for guests to leave messages for the couple.”

If you have paid for wedding planning services, they probably have these elements organised already. If not, it’s time to recruit an enthusiastic loved one or two to handle some of these small but important jobs.


6. Take care of yourself

In all the rush and excitement in the lead-up to the wedding, remember to look after yourself. Otherwise, small problems might cause you undue stress. This should be a fun time, not a fraught one!

Naturally, you want to look and feel your very best on the day, so now is the time to prepare for that. A regular sleep pattern will ensure you feel rested. Gentle movement can be great for alleviating tension, and eating well will energise you. Sensory Load suggests that devoting some time to mindfulness and breathing exercises before your special day could help you enjoy it even more.

Now, we’re sure you really have thought of everything! You can head into your wedding day with confidence, ready to relish every moment of this unforgettable time.


By Meghan Taylor

The Writers Guild


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