Our team have a passion for delivering exceptional service and look forward to creating a pleasant, personal and unforgettable experience when you stay with us.

We are dedicated to ensuring your event runs smoothly, right from the planning stages through to discussing feedback. Should you need to contact a specific member of staff, a handy guide can be found below.

Senior Management

Eva Neupauer-Jones

General Manager


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Originally born in Slovakia, I have spent over 20 years working in not-for-profit organisations in Slovakia and the UK. I joined Missenden Abbey 17 years ago, and over those years I have progressed into my current role of General Manager. My responsibilities are for the overall management of this multi-functional historical venue, including financial targets for all income areas in corporate meeting facilities, weddings and event management.

I hold a Masters Degree in Leadership and Management, and have dedicated my career to working within people centred organisations. My biggest passion is people development. In my current role I have introduced an Apprentice Scheme within the staff structure. I am a real ‘foodie’ and get excited about anything healthy and nutritious.

My two favourite things are people and food, this is what drove me to working with local charities on the development of the Missenden Walled Garden Charity – a centre for people with learning disabilities, who grow produce for the Abbey kitchens and maintain our grounds. Look out for our fresh herbs and salad leaves and taste the difference!

Suze Ward

Sales & Marketing Manager


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Having worked in various hotels around the country for the last 18 years I am happy to have spent the last 5 of those years working at Missenden Abbey in my home county of Buckinghamshire.

I head up the Sales and Marketing function for the venue, we are a team of highly driven and skilled individuals responsible for looking after a variety of clients and events from weddings to large conferences.

No two days are the same in the sales office and we do enjoy a challenge but most of all we love showing off the beautiful venue to prospective clients, especially on a sunny day.

My favourite thing about Missenden Abbey is that it’s a venue like no other, and no 2 days are the same.

Fun Fact: I met the singer Seal at the top of the Eiffel tower, he told me off for taking photos of him without asking permission but then relented and had a photo taken with me.

Ross Hughes

Operations Manager


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I have worked at Missenden Abbey for 18 years since the tender age of 16, in many different job roles, including Hospitality Supervisor & Front of House Manager.

In my current role of Operations Manager I am responsible for the operations, costs and people management for areas of Reception, Security, IT, Support Service, Housekeeping, Catering and Hospitality teams. It is ultimately my role to put in place processes so that the customer has the best possible journey, from the moment they make the booking here at the abbey to the moment they leave and making sure they leave wanting to come back.

My favourite thing about Missenden Abbey is the family feel that it has. Anyone can talk to anyone and there is never a divide within departments or staff.

Conference & Wedding Sales

Natasha Stevenson-Venuti

Wedding & Events Sales Executive


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I joined Missenden Abbey in 1999 and had previously worked abroad for many years. Upon returning to the UK I joined a company organising outdoor team building events and had also been a professional makeup artist. I have been coordinating weddings at Missenden Abbey for nearly 20 years which basically means I sell and coordinate weddings and functions. I also organise Wedding Fairs and Experience Days. I love the beautiful grounds we are surrounded by and all the great people that I work with!

Fun Fact: My Italian heritage means I am passionate about wine & prosecco!!!

Linda Cuthbert

Conference Sales Executive


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I have worked at Missenden Abbey for 28 years from way back in 1991.

I am a Sales Executive selling conference space, events and weddings. I also account manage many charities and long term clients.

My favourite thing about Missenden Abbey is the lovely building and great team.

Fun Fact: I lived with a poltergeist when I was 10.

Kim Kokolaras

Conference Sales Executive


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I am new to the team and have been working at the Abbey since December 2019. My job as a Conference Sales Executive involves everything corporate from small meetings to Christmas parties. I also get involved in wedding sales which allows me to bring my creative side out. My favourite thing about Missenden Abbey is having the opportunity to work in a magical country house with so much history is a Sales Executive’s dream! We have a gorgeous Cedar tree on our premises which is over 500 years old.

Fun Fact: My husband and I recently moved from South Africa to the UK. Every day is an adventure! I love to unwind by cooking or baking up a storm!


Michelle Bishop

Marketing Assistant


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I started working at Missenden Abbey in November 2018. I look after all elements of marketing including the website, social media, flyers, brochures and advertising. I really enjoy this role as it gives me an opportunity to bring out my creative side and experiment in all aspects of marketing. No day is the same which keeps my job very exciting. My favourite thing about Missenden Abbey is how welcoming and friendly all the staff are, and how beautiful the Abbey is.

Fun Fact: I have sat on a real life alligator, held a tarantula & a python and swam with dolphins and stingrays. I love all different kinds of animals and it’s incredible to get up close to them – swimming with great whites is definitely next on my bucket list!


Beth Corteen

Head of Reception


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I have worked at Missenden Abbey for 6 years and now head up the reception team. The team deal with bookings for – bed and breakfast, afternoon tea, event ticket sales and the finder details on corporate bookings. We pride ourselves on providing 5 star customer service to all.

My favourite thing about Missenden Abbey is the team I work with!

Fun Fact: Always laughing always singing.

Toby Clack

Reception & Customer Services Advisor


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I have been at Missenden Abbey since August 2016 at the age of 16, starting off as an apprentice in the hospitality department, then started as a full timer in February 2018 and then in September of 2019 I moved into working full time as a Receptionist and Customer Service Advisor. My favourite thing about Missenden Abbey is the staff, we are like one big family! There are so many people here with incredible stories which has made them who they are today. 

Fun Fact: I am a very bubbly person with a great sense of humour. I am very passionate about renovations and I hope one day I will be able to build and design my own home.

Hospitality & Events

Kathy Cousins

Hospitality Manager


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I am the longest standing staff member at Missenden Abbey, having worked here since 1990. As the Hospitality Manager I am responsible for the day to day operations of the Hospitality department including the bar, restaurant and social events. I also act as a wedding coordinator alongside the events team. My favourite thing about Missenden Abbey are the challenges that have taken place in the past and inevitably will do so in the future within the industry. There are no two months the same, this keeps the job interesting and keeps my passion alight.

Fun Fact: At meetings I am known for extending an already long meeting by that “Just one more thing” to add – amongst groans from the team. In fact I have won an award for just that.

Laura Young

Wedding & Events Manager


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I have worked at Missenden Abbey for over 5 years. My favourite thing about Missenden Abbey is the history, if the walls could talk I would love to listen to their stories of this place!

Fun Fact: I loved Sabrina the teenage witch so much growing up that I wanted to be her, I had all of the merchandise and seasons on DVD. I even asked my hairdresser for the same short haircut, which was a huge mistake as I looked more like a page boy with a bad blow dry! You live and learn!

Annabel Openshaw

Events & Hospitality Assistant


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Business & Revenue / Finance

Jonathan Dean

Business & Revenue Analyst


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I have worked at Missenden Abbey for the past 15 years.

My job role is to improve Missenden Abbeys efficiency by developing technical solutions to business problems through analysis, defining and documenting requirements and implementation plans.

My favourite thing about Missenden Abbey is the staff and team spirit.

Fun Fact: I can drink 4 cups of water at once.

Julie Rushworth

Finance Administrator


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Kitchen / Housekeeping

Philip Child

Head Chef


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Gill Tomes

Head Housekeeper


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