Senior Management

Eva Neupauer-Jones
Eva Neupauer-Jones

General Manager  •  01494 866811 – Option 4

Originally born in Slovakia, I have spent over 20 years working in not-for-profit organisations in Slovakia and the UK. I joined Missenden Abbey 17 years ago, and over those years I have progressed into my current role of General Manager. My responsibilities are for the overall management of this multi-functional historical venue, including financial targets for all income areas in corporate meeting facilities, weddings and event management.

I hold a Masters Degree in Leadership and Management, and have dedicated my career to working within people centred organisations. My biggest passion is people development. In my current role I have introduced an Apprentice Scheme within the staff structure. I am a real ‘foodie’ and get excited about anything healthy and nutritious.

My two favourite things are people and food, this is what drove me to working with local charities on the development of the Missenden Walled Garden Charity – a centre for people with learning disabilities, who grow produce for the Abbey kitchens and maintain our grounds. Look out for our fresh herbs and salad leaves and taste the difference!

Suze Ward
Suze Ward

Sales & Marketing Manager  •  01494 866811 – Option 4

Having worked in various hotels around the country for the last 18 years I am happy to have spent the last 5 of those years working at Missenden Abbey in my home county of Buckinghamshire.

I head up the Sales and Marketing function for the venue, we are a team of highly driven and skilled individuals responsible for looking after a variety of clients and events from weddings to large conferences.

No two days are the same in the sales office and we do enjoy a challenge but most of all we love showing off the beautiful venue to prospective clients, especially on a sunny day.

My favourite thing about Missenden Abbey is that it’s a venue like no other, and no 2 days are the same.

Fun Fact: I met the singer Seal at the top of the Eiffel tower, he told me off for taking photos of him without asking permission but then relented and had a photo taken with me.

Ross Hughes
Ross Hughes

Operations Manager  •  01494 866811 – Option 4

I have worked at Missenden Abbey for 18 years since the tender age of 16, in many different job roles, including Hospitality Supervisor & Front of House Manager.

In my current role of Operations Manager I am responsible for the operations, costs and people management for areas of Reception, Security, IT, Support Service, Housekeeping, Catering and Hospitality teams. It is ultimately my role to put in place processes so that the customer has the best possible journey, from the moment they make the booking here at the abbey to the moment they leave and making sure they leave wanting to come back.

My favourite thing about Missenden Abbey is the family feel that it has. Anyone can talk to anyone and there is never a divide within departments or staff.

Fun Fact: On Holiday in 1994 I won the ‘go home alone’ award from the Thomson Kids Club. For the duration of the holiday I was referred to as Rusty, as I gave them a bogus name, so when announced for the award my parents were like ‘thank god that’s not Ross,’ when in fact it was me. To say they were quite embarrassed was an understatement. We never went back to that Majorcan hotel again!