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There is no better way of getting people talking and working together than creating a piece of collaborative art work. Connect 2 Colour provide you with the tools and guidance to utilise the power of collaboration to boost communications, revitalise teams and unify disparate individuals.

You don’t have to have be Van Gogh, there are no rules or barriers, just the freedom of expression and ultimately the sense of group achievement. They work with your business goals and design an event that can either be the creation of a piece of 3D abstract art work, or for the those wishing to
get a little wilder, take your creativity out on the canvas by throwing paint with our SplaTastic package.

Missenden Abbey painting

All the finished artwork is then yours to proudly display as a memento and reminder of the journey of creating something together.

Painting Options:

48” x 30” Large Team Canvas from - £65* per person. 2 hour duration.
A large statement piece idieal for 6-8 people, additional canvases available on request.

14“ x 18” Medium Canvases - £45* per person. 2 hour duration.
Instead of a large statement piece, we also offer smaller canvases for a minimum of 8 people.

If you would like a personal memento for your staff to take home, we can add small
10” x 8” individual canvases for £25* per person when taken with either of the options
above, adding 45 minutes to the duration.

*Special offer for Missenden Abbey delegates only.

For more information about Connect2Colour, please head over to their website.